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Word for the Week ~ 7/1/2019

Greetings,  Sunday was a special day for several reasons for some 400 worshipers who attended.  Other than the fact that we always have great music and super passages of scripture to examine, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper in the context of Independence Day while looking at chapter nine in the Book
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Word for the Week ~ 6/3/2019

Greetings, Sunday was a great day!  We had great music, good attendance, a good message on tithing and sacrificial giving from Hebrews 7:1-10, the baptism of three young people, and four people joining the church (Naomi Spencer, Terry and Susan Hayden, and Katie Shrive).  The day didn’t end there because
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Word for the Week ~ 5/20/2019

Greetings, Sunday:  Last week was a beautiful week, but it kind of ended on a gloomy Saturday with two inches of rain and some carry-over to Sunday.  Fortunately, the clouds eventually moved out and Sunday afternoon turned out beautiful for our Community Outreach Meeting, Sunday Night Youth, and a number
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