Word for the Week ~ 1/18/2021

Word for the Week ~ 1/18/2021


Sunday was a great day as we gathered for worship and Bible study here at Grover.  The music was superlative as always, and it fit right in with the message.  This Sunday we will be continuing our series in the Gospel of Luke with the “Launch of Jesus’ Public Ministry in Galilee” from Luke 4:13-30 including his first appearance back home in Nazareth.  Be sure to check out the sermon outline that we will mail out on Friday at 2:00 p.m.  Once again, recordings of our services can be watched online at any time through the week.  Check out one of our many feeds for watching online:  Facebook Live, YouTube, or our church website at www.GroverPark.org.  

Covid Report/Precautions:  While national numbers seem to be increasing in both Covid-19 cases and deaths, our active case count in Johnson County has nearly been cut in half.  The number of cases reported today in Johnson County is 345 compared to the over 800 active cases which we had only a month ago.  In addition, vaccines have now become available in Johnson County which we pray will help diminish the number of active cases in our community.  Vaccinations have already been administered to a number of first responders and nursing home residents.  This week people who are sixty-five years of age or older, along with those who have various health risks, will also begin being vaccinated as supplies last.  While everyone has to decide for themselves if vaccination is for them or not, the hope is that God will be gracious in diminishing the number of active cases in our area through whatever means He chooses.  With that said, allow me to say that the precautionary measures we have taken as a church have been quite successful. Our church has been fortunate in that no transmission of the disease has taken place in one of our Worship Services that we are aware of.  Yes, a few of our members have gotten sick from various outside sources, but to the best of our knowledge, none have contracted the virus while attending church.  For that reason, I would like to begin the process of inviting more of you to consider coming back to worship.  I truly believe our worship services are one of the safest places in our community to be due to the size of our facility and due to the precautions, we have taken.  For some of you who have existing health issues for which your doctor has recommended that you stay at home, please continue to prayerfully follow the advice of your physician.  That is why we have our Livestream services for people who cannot attend for church.  On the other hand, let me say that our Livestream services were never meant to be a substitute for the physical gathering of ourselves together for worship unless there is a physical or medical reason for not being able to attend.  God commands us to “forsake not the gathering of ourselves together.” Those words were written in a much more dangerous time of Roman persecution in the first century.  We have no desire to make anyone’s personal decision for them, nor to bind the consciences of those who are weak.  Every person must personally decide for themselves when they will choose to come back to church.  As a means of comparison, there are many places for which people go that are much more dangerous than attending church:  going to certain workplaces, going to grocery stores, going out to eat, fellowshipping with family or friends, or even going to the hospital. The reason why we have implemented all of our precautions, such as wearing masks, is to provide a safer place for our weaker members and everyone else who attends.  Wearing a mask is no fun, but it is a sacrifice we make for others and hopefully for the protection of ourselves.  Please know that we are eager and ready to begin removing some of the precautionary measures as soon as possible.  Please be patient and not weary in well doing.  

Nominating Committee Report:  The Nominating Committee new Search Committee that will be charged with prayerfully seeking and nominating a new ministerial staff member to serve as Associate Pastor.  The new committee has six members according to our Constitution and Bylaws.  The following people were chosen and have agreed to serve on the committee:  Randall Neal, Rhonda McKee, Dan Sliger, Teresa Collins, Jim Joyner, and Benjamin Kirtley.  The committee will be gathering soon for an orientation meeting and will begin their work shortly.  A drive-thru Farewell Reception has been planned for Logan Williams and his family for Sunday, January 31st, from 2-3 p.m. under the overhang to the front of the main entrance of the Worship Center.  During that you may drive thru the church parking lot and stop and share a farewell with the Williams family and drop off a card into the farewell box if you so choose.  A Farewell Cake will be presented to them as a sweet reminder of our love.  

The Journey Group will be meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Educational Center as Rhonda McKee (with the assistance of Ryan Meyer and Matt Argotsinger) will be continuing their new series on Journey Mondays entitled, “The Struggles of Life and Godliness.”  

Women’s Zoom Bible Study:  Our Women’s Ministry will launch a new seven-week video series this week entitled, Take Courage: A Study of Haggai, by Jennifer Rothschild. The study will continue this Tuesday night at 7:00 pm and continue through February 23rd.  The cost is $14.00 for the study workbook.  Through this study, you will learn to walk confidently in your calling, stay motivated when opposition and obstacles make you want to quit, and defeat discouragement through God’s presence.  It is not too late to register.  Go to the Grover Park Baptist Church “Women With Purpose” Facebook page and click on the post containing the registration link. You can also sign up on the registration sheet at the welcome desk in church foyer or contact Marcile Lewis at (660) 909-2614. 

The BSU Dinner has been canceled for this Tuesday night.  

Security Team Meeting:  The Ministry Team voted last week to affirm Marty Stump as this year’s director for the Security Ministry and as a member of the Ministry Team.  The Security Team will be meeting for a special orientation meeting Tuesday night, January 19th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center.    

Board of Director’s Meeting:  There will be a regular quarterly Board of Director’s Meeting this Wednesday night, January 20th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center. 

The Men’s Ministry Council is meeting this Wednesday, January 20th, at 7:00 p.m. in Family Life Center.     

Prayer Updates:  Please pray for the Plummer family.  Cole Plummer is now home and out of quarantine.  Mary Plummer and her great-grandson, Ziri, are doing better.  Cheryl is sick and waiting for tested results.  Continue to pray for John Brittain, our Director of Missions at WCBA, who is recovering from Covid-19.  Pray for Kelly and the kids as well.  Pray for Sandra Silkwood, Ryan Meyer and Anthony Meyer and their mother.  Ryan is now out of quarantine. Pray for Geoffrey, Fran Billing’s son, who is recovering from pneumonia.  Pray for Pete Wittman and the family of his brother, Jack Wittman, who passed away on January 11th.  The service will be January 18th at 11:30 a.m. in Saint Charles.    Pray for Ronda and the family of Mark Watts who went to be with the Lord last week.  There will be a virtual online service for Mark on January 23, at 2:00 p.m.  Pray for Liz Tarr and her family in the passing of her father, Bob Lund last week.  Pray for Dave Robinson who is scheduled for a prostate biopsy February 16th.  Pray for Dave and Denise Robinson’s son, and daughter-n-law who have tested positive for Covid-19 with mild symptoms in Nashville.  Pray for Robin Thompson who has a doctor’s appointment on January 27th.  Pray for Linda Hargenrader as she continues to take a new treatment for her cancer.  Pray for Victoria who is doing well in language school.  Pray for Steve Easterwood who has been diagnosed with stage three esophageal cancer.  Please pray for Phil Woodard who has been re-scheduled for surgery on his leg on February 3rd.  Pray for Larry and Linda Creighton’s son-in-law, Jason, who is home from the hospital with severe lung damage.  Also pray for their daughter, Michelle, who had a biopsy on her thyroid on January 8th, for which they will continue monitoring.  Pray for Chuck Appleton who is home doing well after having knee replacement surgery on January 8th.  Continue to remember Beth Talley who is home recovering from surgery.   The Deacon of the Week is David Dahlhoff (660) 864-4919. 

Quilters & Crafters: This Saturday, January 23rd, the sewing group will meet from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center. Bring your projects, supplies, sewing machine, and questions for fun, fellowship, and learning. Call Pat Breon for more information at (918) 906-1037.  

2021 Committee Meetings:  Leaders, if you have not already done so, please set a date in January for an orientation meeting of your committee or ministry to elect officers and to set your calendar for the new year.  If you need help Zooming the meeting online, please call the church office.  Please coordinate your calendared events with the church office as you make plans.  Most Committees are now meeting in the Worship Center so as to safely socially distance themselves.      

Contribution Statements:  Contribution statements were mailed out last Friday, so you should be getting them this week if you have not already received them.  As previously shared, you should have already received your offering envelopes by this time.  If not, please call the church office.   

Have a great week, 

Pastor Randy 

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