Word for the Week ~ 4/6/2020

Word for the Week ~ 4/6/2020


Sunday was the third of our Livestream-Only Services at Grover.  We continue to adjust to this new format as we begin the month of April.  The Worship Team did a wonderful job of leading us in music and worship.  The music and offertory were extraordinary.  Last week I mentioned how I missed the applause and amens in our services!  While our audience on Sunday morning only comprises about ten people, I was impressed with how many “Amens” I heard in the reference I made to “chocolate.”  Lol.  Logan also shared with me that several of those watching on our new Facebook Live Feed responded by sending “hearts.”  As Parkies, we always know how to have fun and share expressions of love even in the midst of a pandemic.  Once again, Pastor Roger Dumas did a great job sharing the Children’s Sermon Sunday.    

Good Friday Service:  This Friday evening at 6:00 p.m., we will be having a special online Good Friday Service composed of singing several great songs of the faith interspersed with Scripture readings and prayer.  You may view this service with us online just as you would our Sunday service by accessing our website at Groverpark.org or watching it on Facebook Live on our church Facebook page Friday at 6:00 p.m.  

This Sunday is Easter:  Easter is this Sunday, April 12th.  While we will not be having the Easter Chorale as part of the service this year, we do have a great Livestream Service prepared.  Dave and Denise have some special, traditional music planned for the day, and Pastor Roger will be having an exciting Children’s Sermon for the kids.  I will be preaching a special message entitled, “Our Great Hope in the Resurrection.”  Last Sunday we had 424 computers, laptops, and smart phones logged onto one of our livestream services with their family members.  Join us this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. for Resurrection Sunday!  

Worship Service Update:  A week ago, our President extended the original 15-Day Period of Social Distancing until April 30.  That means we have about 24 more days to persevere through this difficult time as a nation along with our Governor’s “Stay at Home Order.”  Consequently, schools, businesses, churches, and various organizations will be closed or limited in how they will be open to the public.  Yesterday, our Leadership Team voted to continue following these guidelines as a church by Dave and Denise have some special, traditional music planned for the day, having publicly attended services on Sundays and Wednesday nights as we would normally do.  Most all of the churches in our area are following a similar course of action.  Our Leadership Team will continue to meet every week, and we will continue to give the church regular updates on how we will be dealing with the Coronavirus situation.  Our next meeting for the leadership team will be this Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Worship Center and through the Zoom app.  Thank you for your perseverance and patience as a church.  Please let us know if there is anything that you need.      

Financial Offerings:  Thank you again for doing such a great job of giving online at www.groverpark.org/giving and sending your tithes and offerings by regular mail.  Please make every effort to be extra sacrificial in your giving to the church that no ministry becomes hindered through lack of funds.  Allow me to thank you ahead of time for the great job I know you will do in meeting the needs of our church financially during these next weeks of challenge. It was exciting to see that we had a total offering yesterday of $14,720.00.  Praise God!  

Finance Committee/Board of Directors Update:  About a week ago, I asked the Finance Committee through one of its liaisons to meet and evaluate our present financial situation as a church and present to the Board of Directors a special report and recommendation as to how we might be proactive financially as a church in dealing with the Coronavirus.  In a special-called Board Meeting Sunday at noon, the Finance Committee presented three recommendations to the Board of Directors that they voted to affirm unanimously: 

(1) The first recommendation was to accept an offer from our bank to change our loan payment on the Worship Center to an “interest only payment.”  While we still have the ability to pay down the principle on our loan as much  and as often as we so choose, this gives us the freedom to pay a much lesser amount if our financial resources as a church were to become diminished later by the economy.  

(2) The second recommendation of the Finance Committee was to submit an application to our bank for one of the new “Cares Loan Small Business Paycheck Protection Program” offered by the $2 trillion Stimulus Package which was voted on by our President and the Congress to help small businesses and charities (churches) during the Coronavirus.  With so many businesses applying for this loan, it was decided that we needed to make application now while monies are still available, so that if we were to need help further down the road, we would have this loan set up and available.  If we meet the requirements, this loan would be 100% forgivable by the government.  

(3) The third recommendation of the Finance Committee was to require all requests for money and purchases by the church to be “pre-approved” through the Finance Committee before they are paid out.  While it is clearly not the intention of the Finance Committee to de-fund any ministry, they do feel that for the time being we need to closely monitor and insure that monies are available, and that we do not allow our financial resources to become depleted.      

Live Stream Issues:  While our Livestream problems were much better last Sunday, especially with our new Facebook Live Feed, we are still having a few problems with glitches in the feed.  We apologize for the problem and we are working to repair the issue.  Once again, let me share with you several solutions and ways of adapting.  First of all, the audio volume is sometimes poor on non-amplified speakers which are in iPads and some notebooks.  Earbuds may help or you may have better results using power speakers or running the services through your desk top computer or TV.  Second, if your connection does fail during a Livestream broadcast, simply reboot and try again.  You may also check your internet connection speed, or whether you might have too many Wi-Fi connections turned on in your home during the time you are receiving the broadcast. Third, you may find a smoother connection while watching the service as an archived recorded event rather than live feed while so many others are watching it.  We are also uploading the service to YouTube on Monday mornings if you were unable to watch it on Sunday.  If you are on Facebook, try using the new Facebook Live feed on our church Facebook page.  We also have the ability to record our services on a DVD for those who do not have a computer.  Please call Pastor Logan if you need technical help at (660) 747-7196.  

Week of Prayer for North American Missions:  Last Sunday we began our Week of Prayer for North American Missions.  A Prayer Guide is available online at www.groverpark.org/NAMB.  We have set a goal of raising $4,000.00 for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering that will culminate this Easter Sunday. As you know, all of this money goes to our missionaries here in North America.  As we give over and above our tithes for this important offering, let us accept the challenge of exceeding our goal again this year.  We have received $1,672.00 as of last Sunday.   

The Journey will be meeting tonight online through “Zoom” at 6:00 p.m.  Logan will be continuing his series on “Making Wise Decisions” for our students.  

Prayer Updates:  We are happy to report thatPaul Plummer and his family are no longer under self-quarantine.  They are all well and did not get the Coronavirus.  Praise God!  We are happy to report that Chuck and Diane Samson are quickly recovering at home from contracting the Coronavirus without the need for hospital intervention.  They tested positive last week.  Their symptoms have been relatively mild.  Pray for Aaron Schildknecht who is recovering at home from his surgery last Thursday.  Pray for J.R. White who is recovering at home from surgery on his nose.  Pray for Jennifer Stoner who has been dealing with gallbladder issues for several weeks now.  She is still waiting for the inflammation to go down before they do surgery.  Pray for Howard Bullard who is home on Hospice.  Pray for Linda Hargenrader who has started a new chemotherapy drug which she will receive every four weeks.  Pray for Hal Hanrahan who is meeting with a local oncologist now.  Pray for Lisa Bailey’s sister and brother-in-law who have the Coronavirus. They are doing better.  Also pray for Lisa’s mother who fell and is now under care of Hospice.  Pray for Don Boosinger’s sister, Betty Hunter, who will be having her pacemaker replaced this Thursday at KU Medical Center.  Pray for Kevine Colburn’s mother, Jackie Baxter, who is in research Hospital recovering from a brain bleed, but she is doing better now.  Pray for Shirley Moore’s niece, Michelle, who was exposed to the Coronavirus in a nursing home in Oklahoma. Pray for young Jackson Dale, the grandson of Pastor Robin Dale in Elm Springs, who is one week old.   Please include in your prayer today the Fasolino family who are North American Missionaries on our prayerguide. Pray for our church and country during this time of the Coronavirus Crisis.  Our Deacon of the Week is Dan Sliger (405) 219-9281.   

Board of Directors Meeting:  
Our Board of Directors meeting has been rescheduled for April 26th, at 12:00 p.m. in the Worship Center.  For those who would prefer to participate by Zoom on your computer, please get your link from Pastor Logan.      

Vacation Bible School Clinic: 
 We will be hosting the Annual Associational VBS Clinic here at Grover in mid-May online.  If you are planning to work in Vacation Bible School this year, this will be an ideal resource for you to get ahead on your preparations. VBS is presently scheduled for July 12-17.  Let Teresa Collins or Sandra Silkwood know if you are planning to attend.

Missions Festival:  Our Missions Festival calendared for April 29th is going to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus.  

New “Selfie” Church Directory:   We will be handing out copies of our new Church Directory at a later date now instead of April due to our not having public services.  That means that you still have time to update your current information and picture.    

Wednesday Prayerlines:  As we are not having our regular Wednesday night suppers and services, we are emailing an updated announcement along with our Mid-Week Prayerlines from the church on Wednesday afternoons.  If you have updates for the list, be sure to call the church office before noon on Wednesdays so we can be sure to include them.    

Pastor Randy 

PS.  The Church Office will be closed on Friday, April 10th in observance of Good Friday.

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