Word of the Week

  • W Greetings, Sunday was a really great day of worship for our church as 400 strong gathered to celebrate our Lord’s supremacy and to fix our thoughts upon Him.  The music complemented the theme of the sermon so well, to say nothing of the tremendous offertory.  What a blessing it was to witness the baptism of Dr. Stephen

  • Greetings, Sunday was a fantastic day for the well over 400 worshipers who participated in our services yesterday.  I could not have been more pleased with the music and how well it all fit together.  It was good to see everyone back from Spring break.  It is always a treat to have our Girl Scouts

  • W Greetings, Yesterday was a really great day in so many ways.  The music was especially good and so suited to the message.  How about that offertory duet!!!  This Sunday we will be picking back up with Hebrews 2:5-18.  Once again, our focus will return to the person and work of our Lord, as “We

  • Greetings, Sunday was almost a spring day weather wise, and it is exciting to know that spring does officially begin this Wednesday. Our series through the Book of Hebrews is moving along well. Sunday we will begin chapter two in this incredible book. Knowing that Christ is above all gives us all the more reason not to “neglect so

  • Greetings, Sunday was such a great day to worship the Lord without hindrance from the weather. In spite of the fact that we lost an hour of sleep, we still had over 400people come to worship the Lord. I got kind of worried when I saw one of our members carrying a pillow. Lol. I was happy with the great